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“The 30-Year Journey from a Motel to a Resort”

If you were to ask Living Water Resort founder and owner Larry Law’s friends and business colleagues to share his values, they would certainly comment on his deep faith, his curiosity –“always digging deeper” – and his desire to share.

Larry fell in love with the then Cranberry Resort and the local community 30 years ago. During that time, the 70-room motel has grown into a two-hotel resort with 442 rooms, a 19-hole championship golf course, two on-site restaurants, swimming pools, a spa, and a marina. 700+ acres of limitless experiences. The resort is now one of Collingwood’s largest employers. Operating Living Water Resorts is a continuing love affair.

Owning and operating Living Water Resorts for 30 years has provided Larry with boundless opportunities to put his values into action. With the support of his wife, children, and the resort’s leaders and team members, Larry views his hospitality business as an opportunity to build a fun and caring business based on servant leadership.

Living Water Resorts is committed to providing a fun and caring community for each of our valued guests and vacation members and team members. This has become the resort’s enduring vision and mission.

By delivering quality customer service in a comfortable, joyful, and caring environment, Living Water Resort is known for serving team members, guests, and visitors with a caring heart. We’re dedicated to creating inspiring experiences through the resort’s facilities, services, and programs to build positivity.

Living Water Resorts
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