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Living Water Resorts Announces A Visionary Transformation: Retirement Living in a
Resort Community

Living Water Resorts has launched an ambitious vision to introduce the Living Water Retirement Residence in its Collingwood resort setting.

The existing resort property at Keith Avenue and Highway 26 will feature 129 new rental units dedicated to seniors and retirees.  In addition, the transformation includes 13,000 square feet of amenity space, including dining, lounges and fitness facilities to be used exclusively by Living Water Retirement Home residents.  Completion is anticipated in the summer of 2024.

Larry Law, Founder and CEO of Living Water Resorts explains his vision for the project: “It’s always been my purpose to ask – what more can I do for my community?  In my heart, I know this project will make a meaningful contribution to our four-season paradise and the community at large.”

According to Mr. Law, the decision to proceed with the Living Water Retirement Residence reflects that “we listen, care, and take action.  We know that living at the resort will benefit the health span of retirees.”

“Our project is a bold investment for the betterment of our community that will create jobs and promote economic health.  But more importantly, this is a people-centred mission.  We care, and we serve where the needs are.  We call it love in action.”

Local civic leaders have positively endorsed the transformation as a “unique and very efficient use of space and resources …  certainly, something needed in this community”.

Living Water Resorts has continually evolved and adapted as it has anticipated visitors’ needs.  For example, Mr. Law has transformed the former Cranberry Motel into a four-season resort with 442 condominium and room accommodations, including award-winning restaurants, the Bear Estate meeting and wedding venue, the award-winning Living Shore Spa and Cranberry Golf Course and marina.  As a result, all walks of life enjoy the resort’s diverse amenities. 

Mr. Law is passionate about helping the community: “It’s always been my passion.  This project is a good contribution, especially when discussing complete communities.”

The transformation project is based on what Mr. Law calls holistic care: “We’ll provide genuine care for seniors - physical, mental and spiritual - in a unique resort community.  We anticipate generations enjoying this community: the adult children visiting their parents, staying for a mini vacation in the resort and grandchildren playing.”

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