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On-site Activities

In addition to the traditional amenities (pool, hot tubs, fitness centres) of a resort, we also boast a considerable variety of unique amenities designed to inspire, lift, and enhance your stay and overall well-being.

Whether you're looking for action or to slow way down, there is something for everyone to do. Choose your path and head out for adventure or culture or relaxation. It's your vacation, and the possibilities are LIMITLESS.




Our location in Ontario's playground means we like to play! Get the most out of your time in this area - go out and play! We rent the following equipment to keep you moving:

  • Bikes

  • Cross-country Skis and Snowshoes

  • SUP & kayaks from our on-site marina


Let us guide your stay with complimentary activities that give you a taste of what our resort lifestyle has to offer. Join in the fun and make the most of every minute of your stay. Limitless opportunities for Limitless Experiences!

We’ll also give you $45 in RESORT ACTIVITY DOLLARS to experience our amazing amenities at a discounted rate or free of charge! Resort Activity Dollars change with the seasons to give you the maximum value for your stay.



The pool and hot tub at Living Stone Golf Resort will be CLOSED for upgrades from October 30 to November 17. During this time, guests of Living Stone hotel are encouraged to use the pool and hot tubs at our sister hotel, Living Water Resort & Spa.

More information available upon check-in.


At Living Water Resort & Spa, there is a large indoor pool, as well as an indoor and an outdoor hot tub.


The indoor slide at Living Water Resort & Spa is OPEN! The slide operates according to the following schedule: 

  • Fridays -  2 pm - 10 pm

  • Saturdays -  2 pm - 10 pm

  • Sunday -  9 am - 1 pm

(Lifeguards take dinner from 5 pm to 6pm. During long weekends, Sunday pool hours are 2pm - 10pm)

Pool Hours: 9am - 10pm, 7 days a week (closed 1pm - 2pm at Living Water Resort & Spa for cleaning).

When lifeguards are NOT on duty, guests are required to book their pool times at the Front Desk of the hotel in which they are staying. 


There is a gym located at each hotel - Living Water Resort & Spa and Living Stone Golf Resort. Open to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our outdoor pool located by the clubhouse of our Cranberry golf course, is a great way to spend a summer day!


Enjoy swimming, lounging on the pool deck, and the convenient location next to Station on the Green for food and drinks to fuel you for getting in those extra exercise laps.


Station on the Green Pool
Lonely Bird.jpg


As you take a leisurely stroll throughout the resort property, you will notice many art installations. Each has been thoughtfully curated and placed to enhance your experience, give you delight, and also educate you on the arts and culture of our region. Take the time walk about, and experience the art we've installed for your enjoyment.

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