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Serving with Caring Hearts Newsletter


Introducing ClearPath Senior Living

Living Water Resorts has engaged ClearPath Senior Living to provide operational and communication support for the launch of the Living Water Retirement Residence.


As noted by Miri Hadas Koller, President and Founder, ClearPath is an organization with extensive experience in senior living. 

"I first spoke with Larry Law, founder of Living Water Resorts, when Living Water Retirement Residence was already in the plans. Larry needed some advice from someone with senior living expertise.

I listened to Larry talk about his values, the Living Water culture, and his vision for this retirement residence. I couldn’t stop smiling."


He was talking about servant leadership, supporting his team members and his community, and his charitable work, and at some point, he stopped and asked, “Why are you smiling?” and I said, “Because you are speaking my language”.


My journey into the senior living sector began almost 20 years ago in a small real estate investment company. I did not grow up in the industry and had no background in operations when I started. I quickly learned that you must care if you wish to successfully operate a home where people want to live and employees want to work.


And we did. 

Building a Company

For 14 years, we built a company that cares about our team members, properties, residents and their families. We cared about doing right by the people we work with, the people we work for, and those whose lives we touch daily. We talked about this constantly with our managers and our team members. Together, we built a company culture that reflects that care.


When I left, I was the president of a successful company managing eight retirement homes, building the 9th and planning the 10th.


Early in 2023, my husband Avi Koller and I created ClearPath Senior Living. We call ourselves ClearPath because we want to help people find clear paths to their goals: owners, employees, family members or colleagues.


Shortly after, we hired Elisabete Garcia-Refai to join us as VP of Operations. Between the three of us, we have over 50 years of experience in senior living.


We provide management and consulting services to companies that are new to the retirement home sector and need our expertise to plan and operate a retirement home.


And using Larry’s words, we are thrilled to work with people who are “serving with loving hearts”. 

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